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FA-1 Automatic backwashing filter

Automatic backwashing filters are the most versatile and effective self-cleaning industrial filters. Our automatic filters can be made for vertical or horizontal mounting and with customized socket layout to fit the service environment perfectly. Filtering elements can be still-mounted or rotating. Each filter is equipped with a control cabinet to adjust and customize the self-cleaning process depending on the working medium.

FA-1 Automatic backwashing filter

Benefits and Features

  • Continuous filtering process. Backwash does not stop the filtration
  • Large filtration area and small size
  • Minimal medium consumption for backwashing
  • Horizontal or vertical layout
  • Self-cleaning process can be set to trigger by pressure drop, scheduled on time, and launched manually
  • Optional: flameproof and weatherproof design
  • Inexpensive and easy maintenance


  • Circulating water
  • Natural water
  • Hydrocarbon oils
  • Cooling water cleaning
Flow rate, m3/h up to 10000
Working pressure, MPa up to 6.3
Medium temperature, °С up to 180
Medium Liquid
Filtering capacity, mkm from 25 up to 10000
Nominal body diameter, mm up to 2500
Nominal inlet/outlet diameter, mm up to 1500
Body material Carbon steel, Stainless steel
Filtering element type Slot, Mesh, Perforated
Filtering element material Stainless steel

After Sales Service

For our customers we also do supervision and commissioning works, and supply spare parts. We can provide maintenance works or train your staff to work with filtering equipment.

Spare parts delivery
Installation supervision
Guarantee maintenance

We can suggest a perfect filter solution for your conditions.